about - Casi Bowes
Casi Bowes

Hey! My name's Casi Bowes and I'm one of those classic cases of an Australian who fell captive to wanderlust. 
You'll usually find me in my natural state - hiking,  adventuring, usually climbing through bushes or laying down in forests with my head in my camera. 

I started playing with photography about 3 years ago when I first came to Canada. Right now I'm based in the Okanagan, BC. But spending my spare time outdoors capturing the nature and beauty of the Pacific North West. Capturing landscapes, scenery and nature is how I like to spend my spare time and usually using editing to portray exactly how I feel about the scene. While this is a hobby right now, I wish to pursue my dreams a little further to travel the world and hopefully reconnect people with the earth and to inspire them to look after it and to not take it for granted

I hope you enjoy my photos!

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